Aim, throw and gliiiiiiiiiiiiiide through 40 crazy curling tracks!

To become a curling champion, you need to be exceptionally good at timing besides having to perfectly balance aim and power in your throw! Master those tricky tracks and collect hard-to-get diamonds to unlock new characters!

Do you have what it takes? In that case, test your curling dreams.

Put your finger on your character, drag your finger forward and aim at the target, the farther you drag, the more speed you get. Sounds easy? It’s not! You have to make sure to get the perfect glide, so max speed is not always a winning concept!

Unlock Zombie Mode!
When you get ready, you can unlock new tracks invaded by Zombies! They are loose in the city and it’s your job to cure them. Use your skills learned in the Curling levels, but be aware!
You must be fast and accurate to pass the levels. A push per zombie should be enough, or is it…?

“It’s a fun game that’s quick to pick up and play a few rounds. If you like collecting everything to completion this will keep you busy!”

“I like the hard Zombie levels! They are really challenging!”

“My kids love to unlock new characters to play as. Her favorite is the glowing robot!”

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