Stack bunnies up to new heights!

Out of carrots, the Bunnies are having a miserable time. Then one day, fresh carrots appear to be falling from high above! Intrigued by the falling carrots, the Bunnies try to reach as high as they can.

Build a Bunny Tower all the way up into space to reach the final goal – the realm of the Infinite and Supreme being of Carrots!

Remember – smaller Bunnies will move faster and are more difficult to catch while the bigger ones easily can tip over your tower if you don’t place them with exceptional care!

Sofia Andersson, a mom who is looking for kid games. “Bunny Tower is cute and fun, the kids really like the sounds they make when you drag them around! And they get really excited when they get fireworks!”


Kim Karlsson, a casual mobile gamer. “I don’t play that many games, but Bunny Tower was a lot of fun and easy to learn and understand. Just drag and drop, trying to beat your old score. Quite addictive!”


Markus Larsson, always on the run. “I don’t have a lot of downtime on my hands, so I play in short bursts when I’m waiting on the buss och in line at the supermarket etc. Bunny Tower fits perfectly for that, it’s quick and easy. Graphically is really beautiful.”


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