Are you up for a challenge? Get ready for this ping-pong game that is simple to play, but very hard to master. Just smash around like a star and keep the ball on the table!

– Instant play.
– For all ages.
– Ad-free and no in-app purchases.
– Challenge your Round Pingis buddies and try to top the global charts.
– A whole lot of fun!

★★★★★ 5.0 stars on google play



Control your temper. When you are losing in a match, or have missed several shots in a row, don’t get mad, get even. Ask yourself what needs to be done in order to beat the problem that is plaguing your game. Then try the solution. If it doesn’t work, do it again. Until the match is over, you should never give up. If it is your turn to serve, then you are allotted a reasonable amount of time per serve to wait and think things over before you toss the ball. Take advantage of it. Megaspin gives this advice about any pingis game, but we think it is a really good tip for rundpingis aswell.

Rundpingis WOW 🙂  – Famous Swedish ping pong player


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