CalmCards – Peaceful Solitaire
Find your inner balance with our calming game of solitaire. Calm Cards – Klondike has a meditative quality to it and helps you to slow down. Keep your mind off other things for a while, recharge your energy and regain your focus.

The game contains:
– Beautiful and smooth animations
– Animated forest background
– Relaxing music
– Soothing sounds of forest birds
– Traditional or enlarged card illustrations
– Draw 1 or 3 cards from the deck

The game is free from:
-In-app purchases

Solitaire as it should be


Nicklas Karlsson, a passionate card player  “I play a lot of card games, but I never understood why they didn’t look and felt better. Realistic card animations and great music”

Unnecessarily beautiful

Staffan Lincoln, well known connoisseur of the arts exclaimed upon gazing an early version of the game “Oh my,  this is unnecessarily beautiful”

Mindfulness on the go

Maria Lindskog, while trying out the game for the first time “This should be perfect for taking relaxing breaks in the middle of the day. I could use some help with that”


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